eye candy paint correction

Our extremely thorough and extensive Paint Correction process. This can be utilized to recondition a paint system making it like new again, or giving you a glass-like finish! This will remove and reduce 90-95% of the paint blemishes in your vehicle’s paint. The light reflection will be show-car quality



*prices subject to change due to vehicle size, condition, make & model

About Paint Correction

Returning your vehicle’s paint to its original showroom condition is a task best left up to our experienced technicians. The restoration process involves eliminating all minor blemishes and paint swirls throughout the surface of your vehicle. We remove embedded contaminants and oxidation that relentlessly attack your vehicle’s paint over time.

Our process starts with a powerful buff and polish. We apply chemical decontamination agents that bond and dissolve iron particles from the paint. Operators use a claybar process specially formulated to pull out stubborn debris and embedded dirt on your vehicle’s surface. Once this painstaking process is complete, your vehicle’s painted surfaces are factory smooth and contaminate-free.