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Did you know? We spend an average of 6 hours per week commuting in our vehicles, making them our secondary habitat. It is paramount that this area is kept clean. Harmful bacteria can grow on the materials inside your vehicle leading to bad smells, mold, and ultimately sickness. Eye Candy will disinfect, sanitize and eliminate smells by attacking the source, bringing your interior back to like-new condition and deep cleaning your habitat. Our certified Eye Candy reconditioning specialists have the knowledge to cater to your needs. 



Eye Candy has interior and exterior packages. Like us, all vehicles have the potential to live a life of beauty under proper care. Eye Candy will revive the interior components, upholstery and carpet all the way down to the fiber of your vehicle. Maybe your vehicle’s paint doesn’t shine like it used to. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new paint job, Eye Candy will assess the paint system. Most of the time we find it only needs expert attention and correction. Having trouble seeing at night? Restoring your vehicle headlights back to like-new condition aids in your visibility when driving at night. If that isn’t enough, the clarity really brings back your vehicle’s visual appeal.  



Every day, you face harmful elements that break down the exterior as well as the interior of your vehicle. Living in Texas, your vehicle faces severe weather conditions.
Due to these harmful elements it’s not only smart, but crucial to protect your exterior paint system and interior materials. Not utilizing a form of protection will cause deterioration and ultimately break down of the material. Inquire with an Eye Candy Coatings and Care reconditioning specialist about how you can better protect your investment.