Having a vehicle with well-tinted windows is absolutely essential. It allows drivers and their passengers to sit comfortably in their cars without concerns over privacy, UV damage, and excess heat. At Eye Candy Auto Care, when we tint your vehicle’s windows, we provide you with that privacy and protection. You can rest easy knowing our window tinting services are quality-based and detail-oriented, turning out the best results possible.

Window Tinting: Privacy and Sun Protection

Our Detail-Oriented Approach

When Eye Candy technicians tint your windows, we want you to know the smallest of details are looked to. Our services offer scratch and shatter-resistant films, increased protection from the sun, and a variety of film shades.

Protection From the Sun

Sun protection is essential when dealing with window tinting. In order to prevent sun damage, we offer tints with 80 to 90 percent UV rejection and 40 to 60 percent solar energy resistance. 

Our Window Tinting Shades

It’s important for your vehicle to have the right film shade. Luckily, at Eye Candy, we offer a range of them. Ours include 5, 15, 20, and 35 percent film shades, as well as a 50 percent film shade. 

The Eye Candy Experience

 At Eye Candy Auto Care, our goal is to provide you with the best auto care experience possible. When we help you with your vehicle’s window tinting needs, the results include decreased interior heat, protection from harmful UV rays, increased privacy, and excellent glare resistance. We value you and your time, knowing your experience with us should leave you happier than before, with your vehicle’s windows tinted the best they can be. Contact us to learn more about pricing, quotes, and our services. We look forward to helping your vehicle be the beautiful and functional eye candy it was always meant to be. 

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