Auto detailing is more than a regular wash. It is a cosmetic activity that aims to restore your car to a near new condition. Auto detailing is not just cleaning the car, but it involves extending the car’s life and keeping it looking good using methods and products that aim to reduce damage caused by the environment.

Why You Need Your Car Detailed

Auto detailing is a more detailed cleaning of an automotive car that involves more labor, and it is preferable to do it by hand. It consists of working with both the interior and exterior of the car.

Auto detailing involves;

  • Deeply washing the car’s interior and exterior, including cleaning the engine and polishing the headlights.
  • Cleaning the windshield and wiper blades
  • Restorative paint touchups
  • High tech protective coating.

Interior Detailing of the Car

Interior car detailing involves services that restore the inside of a vehicle. Interior auto detailing services include;

  • Vacuuming and cleaning of seats, the floor, and mats
  • Removing stains on the floors and seats through steam cleaning
  • Wiping and polishing all surfaces, including door handles, dashboard, windows, steering wheel, air vents, and gear stick.
  • You can add perfume to leave the car looking nice and smelling good.

Exterior Detailing of the Car

Exterior detailing will improve the outward appearance of your car. You cannot prevent damage to your vehicle’s body since it gets its share of dust, gravel, and rocks which destroys the outward appearance of your car. Exterior detailing involves services like;

  • Detailed cleaning of the car’s exterior and drying using a microfiber cloth.
  • Cleaning wheels, tires, and windows
  • Paint touch ups
  • Sealant application and polishing protects the paint and gets rid of scratches.
  • Bumper repairs

Eye Candy Coating and Care

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