What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings (also known as nano-ceramic coating) are a permanent or semi-permanent chemical polymer used to protect the paint on your car. This polymer is applied over the paint on your vehicle to protect it from common degrading elements such as UV rays. This protective layer works without destroying the integrity of the paint below.

Ceramic Coating 101

What Are the Positives of Ceramic Coating?

Although ceramic coating does not protect your car from common things like scratches (from rocks, accidents, or otherwise), it does protect against a variety of natural problems that a car’s paint job can face.

  • UV rays are very problematic for paint jobs, and ceramic coating prevents oxidizing and fading by putting a protective layer between the elements and the paint.
  • Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, so anything water-based will gather and come off naturally or with a quick wash
  • Ceramic coating prevents chemical damage as well, which is very useful in places with high air pollution.
  • Ceramic coating has a glossy finish and therefore is very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ceramic coating saves a lot of maintenance time. By essentially taking the place of waxing (which can take a lot of time applying and reapplying). The hydrophobic nature also makes it easy and fast to wash the car.

Where Can I get a Ceramic Coat for My Car?

Ceramic coatings do require professional application. Eye Candy Coatings and Care offers a free quote for your vehicle. Once an appointment is made you can usually expect a three to five day period in the shop for your vehicle while the ceramic coating is applied. After the application, the coating should be there as long as you need it. The coating can be removed without damaging the paint if it is required. Any further questions can be sent to us via our contact page.

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