When you think about auto detailing, you might think of a highly involved process being done by professionals that costs an arm and a leg to get done. Beyond that, though, most people don’t know exactly what detailing a car involves other than it’s pretty thorough. If you’ve found yourself considering getting your car detailed or you’re just curious as to what it entails and if it’s worth it, keep reading and let us fill you in.

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What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is simply the process of restoring your car to the condition it was in when it was brand new. It is much more involved and thorough than a simple, quick car wash might be.

What Does It Entail?

A Good Wash

Detailing might be more than just a simple wash, but it does start with one. Your car will be thoroughly washed and dried by hand rather than run through a harsh machine. Everything on the outside from the brakes to the engine to the hood is cleaned to make your car look brand new. After the initial wash, something called a clay bar will be used to remove things like water stains or tree sap, things that the normal wash was unable to remove on its own.

Paint Correction

If needed, your car will also receive something called paint correction to get it looking brand new again. This is what is needed when the paint on your car has damage due to oxidation, small rocks, or scratches. Whatever the cosmetic issue, the paint correction process should take care of it.

Polish And Protect 

Finally, your car is polished and finished with a paint protector of some sort. Whether it’s something as easy as a wax, or something a bit more complex like a ceramic coating, will depend on your wants and budget, and will be something to talk over with the professionals when the time comes. The bottomline, though, is that at this step, some sort of protective layer will be applied to help keep your paint job safe from minor damage and dirt, and help to keep it looking shiny and new.

Interior Clean 

The interior of your car will be cleaned during this process as well. Everything from your carpets to seats to the steering wheel to the dashboard will be cleaned and polished if needed and left without stains or odors. If you want your car to seem as brand new as possible, it’s important that you get the interior detailed as well; the look simply won’t be complete otherwise.

Contact Us Today 

Getting your car detailed might not be for everyone, but it is the best way to get your car looking brand new without actually going out and buying a brand new car. The work that goes into it will leave you wondering why you didn’t get it detailed sooner, and leave everyone else wondering when you got a new car. If you’re ready to be the envy of everyone you know, or if you just want your car to look brand new because, well, you like the look, contact us today. You and your car will thank us.

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