Many people who own cars know the importance of maintaining their vehicles to keep them running properly. However, many owners do not have the time or expert knowledge to take care of basic tasks such as oil changes and regular detailing.

Tips To Maintain Your Car After Professional Detailing

How to Maintain Your Car After a Professional Detailing

1. Wash and Wax

Washing and waxing your vehicle is important to restore the shine and protect the paint job. This is especially true after professional detailing when your car has just been put through the works by professionals. After a detailed car wash, you should follow up with a wax treatment to seal the detailer’s cleaning.

2. Follow Up on Repairs

After a professional detailing, be sure to have any repairs compounded or repaired by the detailer. Do not sit on the claim waiting for an oil change, as you may receive a bill for the repairs or the oil included in your next oil change.

3. Check the Lights

Checking your lights is a good idea, as some detailing shops will wash your lights and can damage them. Quality tap water may seem harmless, but it can damage the intricate parts of your headlamps or leave scratches that make the lights look cloudy. Inspecting the lights after detailing is a good way to ensure safety and prevent hazy headlight accidents.

4. Keep Fins in Place

When a detailer is cleaning and washing your vehicle, it is important to check for any loose or displaced fins on your car to prevent leaking. This can be done easily with a simple car inspection and checking for loose parts.

5. Check the Battery

Checking the battery is important after a detailed car wash. If the detailing shop used soap on your engine, you might have to wash it again because of soap residue left in your engine compartment. After washing, you should go ahead and check the battery and ensure it is properly installed and secure.


Car detailing can be a very rewarding service but is only as good as car maintenance afterward. Following a few simple steps after a car detailing can ensure you maintain your vehicle to keep it running as it should. For professional advice contact us today at Eye Candy Coatings & Care.

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