It’s not always about a high-end vehicle; sometimes, all you need is a thorough cleaning. You’ll find everything you need at Eye Candy Auto Care! Perhaps your car isn’t as gleaming as it once was, or maybe it requires a thorough cleaning. Eye Candy Auto Care entrusts your vehicle to a team of experts ready to deliver and leave it in better condition than they found it. As you embrace your modified car in the city, drive it.

Steps to Leave Your Car Good As New

1.  Ceramic Coating

An automobile gets the look it deserves, thanks to this miraculous method. Professionals that apply the coating use high-quality products that will not cause damage to the vehicle in the future. Yes, the quality of the chemicals is determined by the ultimate result, as ceramic coatings cannot be washed or wiped away once applied.

2.  Carpet Cleaning

It’s a very satisfying activity to watch and do. To thoroughly clean your automobile, using a vacuum, brush, and water horses is not an option. Carpet cleaning your car thoroughly is recommended since bacteria, and other hazardous microorganisms may grow in your vehicle. This may cause a foul odor in the car, making the driver extremely uncomfortable.

3.  Detailing and Restoration Services

Some people may make this seem like an unnecessary activity. However, the carpet cleaning exterior is cleaning the pesky carpet wheel wells, which the manufacturers of the vehicles thought was good for soundproofing. Still, it is suitable for blocking dirt from the wheels. Cleaning the carpet wheel wells is as essential as other car parts too. Cleaning the rims, the wheels, and the tires should be done to perfection.

4.  Cleaning the Rare Car Parts

Most people mistake cleaning a car well, forgetting other minor car parts. Cleaning the minor parts should also be a consideration, the cup holders, the door handle, and the hidden carpet areas, as they may be unrecognizable, but the goal of cleaning a car is to make it spotless in every part.

Let’s Talk About Detailing & Restoration

At  Eye Candy Auto Care, we offer a wide variety of services for your vehicle’s exterior. We have many different detail packages that you can choose from. We can do a complete tune-up on your car. For our services and more information, please contact us.

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