Eye Candy Coatings and Care is your destination of choice when it’s time to rejuvenate your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces. Your automotive investment matters, and owning a fine motorcar demands top-notch, long-term care.

Eye Candy professionals have years of auto detailing experience. Our mission is to provide exemplary services for our clients to enhance the beauty of their vehicle. We seek to maximize value and your driving enjoyment.

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Coming Soon: Paint Protection Film

Our services continue to expand because of the extreme popularity of Eye Candy Coating and Care. We are offering advanced car protection film as a front bra that will be a 100% accurate cut. Our unique car protection software points and clicks to your vehicle, and the film is cut to an exact, flawless dimension. 

Eye Candy’s professionals will install the film and clear bras, protecting your vehicle for years to come. We will be offering full frontal, partial front, and full-wrap packages.

Window Tinting

No other automotive service is as helpful to long-term vehicle care as window tinting. Eye Candy technicians can install thin film laminates to glass services on your vehicle for complete privacy and added interior protection. We use only the best film laminates from the most trusted brands in the world.

Our window tint services offer scratch and shatter-resistant films. Our window tints provide 40 to 60 percent solar energy resistance and 80 to 90 percent UV rejection. Eye Candy film shades are 5%, 15%, 20%, and 35%; we also provide a 50% film.

Eye Candy window tinting services are much more than making your vehicle look extraordinary. Our tints offer superior glare resistance, interior heat reduction, and harmful UV blocking. Eye Candy window tints offer a series of stunning colors, including black, charcoal, and metal alloys, all in various shades.

Benefits of Window Tinting:

  • enhanced privacy and styling
  • will not interfere with electronic signals
  • resists color change
  • protects interior
  • reduces radiant heat