As years pass by, your car starts losing its brand-new look and you start noticing scratches, chips, and swirls here and there. These are signs your vehicle is ready for a correction job. This entails the removal of accumulated defects using manufacturer-approved decontamination agents, a process that helps restore your car’s original look. 

Paint Correction: Renewing Your Car's Original Look 
Before and after effect after car varnish renovation and paint correction in car detailing studio

What Causes Car Paint Damage?

The loss of a car’s luster is attributable to several factors, such as;

  • Harsh climatic conditions
  • Elements like fuel spills, brake fluid, and tree sap
  • Bird droppings
  • Acidic combination of dust and rain
  • Inappropriate washing and drying

How We Do Paint Correction

Prolonged exposure of your car to the above conditions can greatly impact the paint. When it comes to making your car look like new again, you can DIY or get a professional automotive care service provider to carry it out. Here are the steps we follow during paint correction;

1. Paint Damage Assessment

A thorough assessment helps you determine the paint damage extent and how long it may take to restore it. It also enables you to decide whether to do the correction job by yourself or get a professional, depending on the magnitude of the damage.

2. Decontamination

After the assessment, get started with a decontamination wash to remove the car’s imperfections. Decontamination assists in dissolving iron elements and other embedded stains. By the time you complete the decontamination wash, your car will look shiny with a fresh appearance. 

3. Waxing and Polishing

For your paint job to last, waxing and polishing are recommended. It helps to shield your car from future damage.

Eye Candy Paint Correction Services

Consider a paint correction service if you lack the time or what it takes to execute it. Eye Candy is a one-stop automotive care center where you can receive paint correction services. Contact us today for more information regarding our paint correction solutions.

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