Interior Detail


The full interior treatment! This one will eliminate all germs and bacteria, leave your leather hydrated with the addition of having a fabric protection applied to all carpet and upholstery. 

  • Clean & Sanitize
  • Steam Clean
  • Leather Deep Clean & Conditioning
  • Hot Water Extraction of Floor Mats
  • Hot Water Extraction of Carpet & Upholstery
  • Fabric Protection Application
  • Ozone Machine Treatment
  • Interior Dressing

$220 / cars

$260 / trucks & suvs

*Additional rates will apply for very dirty conditions, pet hair or hazardous bacteria clean up.

About Our Interior Packages

Eye Candy Coatings and Care provides the finest detailing and restoration services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. You spend hours of your life in your vehicle. Enjoy every minute.

If your vehicle features a leather interior, seats and door panels are gently washed with leather soap, utilizing fine-haired brushes. Eye Candy experts condition and protect your leather with the finest brands possible. We use only pH-balanced, scent-free cleaners and conditioners, which leave no sloppy excess.  Cup holders, the rear deck, and door panels are meticulously cleaned and treated with a fabric protectant or leather conditioner. Every nook and cranny is cleaned to perfection.

Every window and mirrored surface is cleaned with an alcohol-based window cleaner or clay lubricant. No streaks or particulates will be present after this process. 

Carpet Cleaning:

Eye Candy’s skilled operators perform a complete vacuum of the interior. All carpets and cloth seats are shampooed and treated with a fabric guard. A basic vacuum of your carpet may not be sufficient to bring all the dirt to the surface. Depending on your vehicle’s carpet, it may require a stiff brush and scrub treatment. 

Eye Candy employs the latest chemical improvements in carpet protection. After a thorough wash and carpet scrubbing, technicians brush your carpet in one direction while applying a chemical protectant. After a brief drying stage, our technician again brushes your carpet in the opposite direction while applying protection. This procedure ensures every polymer fiber is coated.