Basic car washing can help protect your paint job while increasing fuel efficiency. However, your car needs auto detailing once in a while to maintain its like-new appearance. Auto detailing goes beyond regular car washing, leaving your vehicle spotless. Here’s how to take care of your car’s exterior with auto detailing.

1. Start with a car wash

Even though professional auto detailing goes beyond an ordinary car wash, it does begin with one. For auto detailing, washing is done by hand with the help of specialized products. The cleaning should target every surface of your vehicle, including the engine compartment, the underbody, and the wheel wells. 

Once the cleaning is done, use microfiber towels or compressed air to dry it. The detailer should take special care to prevent abrasives from damaging your car paint. Also, a clay bar can help get rid of any hard-to-remove residues, oversprays, or contaminants. The process keeps your vehicle’s surface cleaner and smoother.

2. Polish 

You may want to inspect any painted surface on your car to determine if you need paint correction. Paint correction restores the paint finish on your vehicle to its pristine condition. You’ll need sandpaper and a polishing wheel to remove the imperfections and burnish your car’s exterior. Alternatively, machine glazing can help with minimal paint correction.

3. Protect the paint with professional-grade ceramic coating

Add a protective layer to your car’s paint using wax, sealant, or ceramics. Of the three, ceramics guarantee a high degree of protection on your vehicle’s exterior. 

pro-grade ceramic coating creates a robust chemical bond, forming a nano-ceramic shield over your clearcoat. Additionally, the ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic effect on your car’s paint, preventing dust and dirt accumulation.

Last Word

Auto detailing goes beyond ordinary car washing, restoring your vehicle’s paint and adding an extra layer of coating to your clearcoat. However, it does begin with a car wash – by hand. Contact us for professional auto detailing services to keep your car glossy and vibrant.

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