Don’t we all love and adore our cars? Cars are our inanimate children; we should protect and care for them. It might not always appear as glitzy as it did the day it left the showroom. But don’t worry, Eye Candy Coating and Care are coming to save the day. We provide cutting-edge methods to safeguard your vehicle and keep it looking and smelling brand new.

How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Ceramic Coating

This is applying a quality chemical polymer solution on your car’s body to offer an additional layer of hydrophobic layer on your car to protect that paint. The coating’s primary function is to act as a protective layer and give the car a lovely, polished appearance. In several ways, this protective coating keeps the car’s value high. This layer is a physical barrier against moisture to stop the metal from rusting. Ceramic coatings also have UV protection, which helps keep the paint on cars looking fresher for longer by preventing it from fading. However, UV protection only has a 2-to-7-year half-life. The ceramic coating comes in various packages, two years, five years, and seven year ceramic protection, all available at our shop.

Wash and Dry regularly.

You must keep your car clean after deciding what to put on it to protect it. While Eye candy offers state of that art washing, we also recommend a simple hand wash and rinse at home with a PH-neutral soap. Use a simple soft microfiber cloth to wash and never a hard brush. After a wash, it is important to apply wax every so often to extend that protection layer. Look at our wax selection catalog to help you decide which is best for you. 

Paint Correction.

In extreme conditions, we advise paint correction. The paint correction process permanently eliminates surface scratches, swirl marks, haze, marring, and other paint flaws. It’s a potent technique to restore the color’s original radiance! Modern cars frequently have a primer coat of paint, followed by a base coat, perhaps a second metallic flake or pearl coat, and finally a clear top coat. The top coat is the one that requires the greatest care. To make the top clear coat as smooth as possible, we remove microns of thickness throughout the paint correction procedure. 

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