Your car has a clear coat over its paint that protects it from corrosive elements. It also gives your vehicle its shine.

When your vehicle loses its clear coat, the paint fades, and it rusts. Waxing helps preserve the clear coat. This keeps your car’s exterior looking good. It also ensures your car keeps its resale value.  

How often should you wax your car?

Waxing Frequency

With all the benefits that waxing has, it might motivate you to do it more often. But you may not have to.

In some instances, every 6 months is adequate. For others, 4 times a year is necessary. Some people aren’t happy unless they wax their vehicles every 60 days.

The biggest determinant, in terms of waxing your car, is the surrounding environment. For instance, vehicles kept in climate-controlled spaces don’t need a lot of waxing. On the other hand, vehicles you keep outside get exposed to the elements. Those are the ones that need waxing the most.

Determining the specific interval for your vehicle depends on how soon the wax wears away on its own. The best way to tell if this is happening is to watch how water beads up on the surface of your vehicle. If no beading happens, that means the wax is gone and the clear coat’s exposure to the elements is certain.

Another way to check if your car needs more wax is by running your finger over its surface. You can feel the difference between a waxed and unwaxed surface. A waxed surface is smoother and your finger will glide across it with little effort. An unwaxed surface, on the other hand, has a rawer feel. It’ll also be harder for you to slide your finger along it. If your finger test reveals a lack of wax, it’s time for a new re-application.

Eye Candy Coatings and Care Are Waxing Pros

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