If you are looking for your car’s interior cleaner, you are in the right place. Eye Candy Coatings and Care has the best operators at your car’s service to provide the best carpet cleaning that your automobile requires. For your vehicle investment to last long in its showroom condition, look no further! Eye Candy Coatings and Care has got your back. For your carpet cleaning solution, here are a few techniques that we apply.

Carpet Cleaning Your Vehicle's Interior by Eye Candy Coatings and Care


Eye Candy Care is skilled in vacuuming the carpet and washing the cloth seats treated with the fabric guard. The operators can also scrub and brush the carpet depending on the amount of dirt and type of your carpet. 
Handwashing is done by use of a hard scrubbing brush using shampoo. Laundry detergents are used to remove stubborn stains and keep the fabrics from pulling off due to thorough scrubbing. 


In case of grease stains on your carpet, dish soap and laundry detergents contain degreasers that break down oils and fats that stick to the carpet. We also use white vinegar containing acetic acid, which dissolves minerals and kills germs and bacteria that accumulate in carpet fabrics.


At Eye Candy Care, we take advantage of the latest chemical improvements for your carpet protection. After the carpet dries, we brush it in the opposite direction as we apply protection to coat each polymer fiber. Drying the carpet has been made easier by a wet/dry vacuum machine or a hot water extractor that sucks off most of the water. 
The carpet is usually dried by pressing dry clean rags over the wet carpet if the manual technique is used. The dry rugs suck off the water leaving the car carpet dump and easy to dry off. 
The use of a dehumidifier can also accomplish the drying of your carpet. The dehumidifier is left in the car’s interior to dry the carpet overnight. 

Carpet Protection

The application of carpet sealants provides a hydrophobic property to the surface. Spilled water does not soak in the carpet but remains on the surface for easy wiping off. Carpet protectors are used to keeping the carpet fabrics in good condition. Most carpet protectors come in spray form. We spray the carpet in a circular motion with the spray gun while overlapping the surfaces to ensure all parts have been protected.

 Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning maintains the original state of the material. Cleaning keeps your vehicle free from contamination and dust, resulting in infections like chest congestion.

Eye Candy Care keeps you safe from all the aftermath of dirty carpets and vehicle interiors. 
Besides carpet cleaning, at Eye Candy Coatings and Care, we remove oxidants that affect the paint and eliminate any other blemishes.

Decontamination agents are used to removing polish through buffing. We implement the clay bar process to remove stubborn stains and debris from the car. The decontamination leaves the carpet free of contamination and back to its default smoothness. 

How To Book Ours Services

Eye Candy Coatings and Care is located in Denton, TX. We are your vehicle’s specialist in the carpet cleaning of your vehicle. We are also professionals in handling your painting needs and refurbishing headlights, and we have your vehicle’s best interests. Contact us  to help you protect and restore your vehicle interior  for long-term maintenance.     

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